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    Low card prices

    We believe that hidden fees and price gouging is a problem these days. That’s why we are committed to keeping costs low for our AHA instructors. Below are our current ecard prices (no roster or hidden other fees):

    • BLS cards - $10.00 (Order over 100, $7)
    • ACLS cards - $15.00 (Order over 100, $10)
    • PALS cards - $15.00 (Order over 100, $10)
    • Heartsaver cards - $23 (Order over 100, $21)

    Same Day E-card Orders

    Nothing is more frustrating for you or your students than not being able to assign ecards immediately after class. We want to make sure you have your cards in advance. All card orders are filled within 24 hours (many times quicker!). You are allowed to order cards in advance, in bulk and keep a stash for last minute classes just in case. You assign your own ecards to your students (because you’re the instructor, we’re just here to support).

    Become An AHA Instructor Or A Training Site

    Limiting what you can teach and how you grow your business doesn’t help us succeed at all, so we are dedicated to coming alongside our instructors to help them become AHA instructors in new disciplines and to grow their businesses. We offer monthly AHA instructor courses (BLS/ACLS/PALS via Zoom) and business growth advice to help us all succeed!

    Easy Renewal

    The only other cost to do business with us is that every 2 years you will need to renew your instructor certification for $70. We make it easy though! This course is online and only 1 hours, so you don’t need to travel and can get back to teaching as quick as possible! Stay current and relevant! We provide the best support around!

    ShowMeCPR LLC / Hudson Regional Training Center is a national American Heart Association Training Centers for ACLS, BLS, PALS, and Heartsaver located in New Jersey. (Training Center ID NJ20857) If you are looking for an AHA Training Center with which to affiliate so that you can offer AHA courses at your location, including having and running instructor courses, we are accepting applications. We operate in all 50 states allowing the Training Sites that affiliate with us to offer BLS, CPR, ACLS, and PALS.

    As a Training Sites you must have a business legal name, Own and maintain all equipment needed for teaching AHA courses, including manikins that meet feedback device requirements (equipment may not be borrowed from the TC), Maintain course and instructor records and Appoint a coordinator who will coordinate with ShowMeCPR.

    As a Training Sites you must comply with all AHA rules and regulations including but not limited to: instructor and course monitoring, site inspection, and submitting paperwork. As a Training Site you will be permitted to issue you own eCards immediatly.

    If you are interested in starting an AHA Training Site or moving your affiliation to our national AHA Training Center in New Jersey please fill out the information below and we will contact you. If you have questions you may contact us at 973-694-2893.

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